Lời bài hát Nobody Can Stop Me(风雨无阻)

Ca sĩ: Châu Hoa Kiện Album: 成名曲珍藏集/ Bộ Sưu Tập Những Bài Hát Nổi Tiếng (CD2)
I have given all my love
You are my one and only ture love
So promise me you'll never find another love
till the end of time
I'm so scare to loose you girl
I'm afraid to break your heart love
I'll do anything I could
I'll cross the mountains and moon
I have promised you my love
You are my one and only lover
Let me fly across the highest mountain
just to show you That's not all I'll do
Ther e's nobody who can stop me from loving
You my baby Guess you will never know
That's not I can do love
If you gives me more time I can prove
I f you gives me I can prove