Lời bài hát State Of Grace

Ca sĩ: Journey Album: Red 13
Reaching for places in time to remember
All that reminds me of where I came from
Safe in the innocent arms of surrender
In a shattering moment it all comes undone
The only thing certain now....is nothing is certain now
I understand ...
As we live one day to the next with each other
The distance between us can't change who we are
It's time that can steal our souls...
Or time that can make us whole and feel as one
Make us feel as one

I search for the truth in these desperate days
I live to be touched by your state of grace
By your state of grace

Moving in circles I'm lost in the darkness
I need a sign to help me believe
A light that can heal my soul
A light that can make me whole
And set me free...set my spirit free


We can't change the world without each other
We all need a state of grace
We all need a state of grace