Lời bài hát Phineas and Ferb roller coaster song ext

Ca sĩ: phineấ and ferb
( Roller coaster , roll , roller coaster )
Phineas , are you sure this is safe ?
Of course !
It's like a leisurely drive around downtown ( Ahhhhhhhh! )
But it starts with a 3 mile drop straight down ( Ahhhhhh!)
And now keep your head and hands and feet inside the ride ( Ahhhhhh! )
Not a written rule , but it's strongly implied ( Ahhhhh! )
Permanecer sentados , por favor.
Scream if you want more .( Ahhhhh! ) That's right .
Cork screwing round the interstate with peanut butter and rubber snakes
Clear the way move over , look out bud . Here comes the mud.
( Roller coaster , roll , roller coaster )
Right side up and upside down don't ask me to talk , can't tell a verb from a noun.
And I'm screaming like a baby who's afraid of a clown.
I'm glad I'm wearing trousers that are already brown.
It'll twist your belly , It'll turn your gut.Man, Is this ride sweet or what ?
We go , Ah , Ahhh , Ahhhhh x3
Roller coaster ! I got the poster !
( Roller coaster , roll , roller coaster )x3

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