Lời bài hát Phineas and Ferb - Hole In My Heart

Ca sĩ: Buford and Baljeet Album: Scott Peterson Sáng tác: John Mathot ft Mike Milo

Som ewhere out across that skyline
Maybe down some lony street
There is a boy with anger issuse
Without whom l am imcomplete
Who will give me wedgies now?
Now that we're so far apart?
i have got to get him back somehow
There is a bully sized hole
A bully size hole
A bully sized hole in my heart

Who will l give noogies to
And tease for being so smart?
i just don't know what to do
There's a nerd shaped hole in my heart
There's a nerd shaped hole
Balject:A bully sized hole
Both: A big hunking hole in my heart

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