Lời bài hát Only One

Ca sĩ: Shinhwa
Verse 1
My friends do always tell me that they see you drop the top,
got a girl in every city flirting all around the clock.
Oh baby´s catching Junglefever Junglefever´s catching you,
shouldn´t try to tell me lies rather come out with the blues.

I got a feeling baby I lose control
you cut my heart in peaces you crush my soul.
I got a passion baby I lose control
you rip my heart in peaces you crush my soul.

Verse 2
My man is creeping slowly day by day he´s knocking boots,
magnatising all the ladys, will I pick my gun and shoot.
Oh babys playing with my warning with my heart you shouldn´t play, cause I´m living for the moment so I´m leaving you today.

You can go you can walk you can run you can hide away,
then you´ll hear me say, it´s only love.
All the time that I cry that I die that I lost in you,
I´d always trust in you, t´s only love.

When I feel so bad when I feel so sad I´m longing,
at the time we had the time I can´t forget