Lời bài hát Once Upon A Time

Ca sĩ: La Coka Nostra Album: Clown Walk Music Sáng tác: La Coka Nostra
[Verse 1: Everlast]

Yo I’mma take it back to the old school like Red Dawn
And blow the f**k up like Lebanon
You ain’t my first or my second, you my thousandth born
And I put you on all that s**t you on
The originator, kid, look what you done did
Snitched, told a fib, sent feds to the crib
I ain’t under arrest, I’m David Koresh
Bring a strap and a vest, send your mother my best
Bring all your big guns and your funeral clothes
Cause my rap’s gonna feel like six Wacos
Make a new set of laws and we’ll still break those
Get a new list of drugs, we will take those
Standing on the block in my b-boy pose
Nike sneakers on my feet and my wrist stay froze
Chilling on the corner in a b-boy stance
With a gun in my pants and some blood on my hands

[Chorus: Slaine]

Once upon a time not too far in the past
When people said what they meant and lived life fast
There was a young man who was misled
By another m**********r, this is what he said
Once upon a time less recently
I had to walk around with the piece with me
There was a young man who was misled
So I put the gun to his head, this is what I said

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]

Dance with the Devil, conquer the planet with God
Swim with the sharks and transcend unbearable odds
Wrestle alligators, man-eaters, snakes, and gorillas
I catch a bullet in my teeth and spit it back you killer
I painted cathedrals with Michelangelo
Decorat ed the face of a nasty hoe while the camcorder rolls
I’m a certified stunner surrounded by murderers
Tech 9 runners and pistol-packing homicide gunners
Coka Nostradamus, holy rollers exploding martyrs
We heat the block up hotter than molten lava
Realer than rock stars dying in bathtubs choking on vomit
I’m like a psychedelic drug that you open your mind with
My logo incite riots, cause oppressed nations to rise in defiance
Overthrowin g any tyrant, any war machine, any shadow government structure
On a grassy knoll my guns and ammo will touch ya, fucka


[Ve rse 3: Slaine]

This is LCN, we ain’t for the faint of heart
We rearrange your teeth, leave your cheeks maimed with scars
C’mon man, you know your grind ain’t the same as ours
The only time you held nines was in a game of cards
And your crew is full of f**s like a gang at Oz
I roll with strictly underdogs who overcame the odds
Pushers, villains, rap legends, hookers, and killers
This is for the lost angels and the Brooklyn guerillas
Boston stranglers, con artists, scammers, and thieves
We f**k porn stars right down to amateur freaks
I need a grand in my sneaks, gram of the leak, hand on my piece
Anything else is only bringing sand to the beach
I’m a bad m**********r, that’s why I rose above you
When you’re like me everybody loathes to love you
Say I might be the next one OD’d in a room
With an unreleased album and a seed in the womb

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