Lời bài hát Against The Current

Ca sĩ: Mree Album: First Single Sáng tác: Mree
So they say
There are other fishes in the sea
But the only one that's missing
is the one that swims for me.
And so you say,
"Oh dear just wait patiently,
Love will come along, eventually."

So I tried to swim against the current
To live my life and let me be
So don't cast me a line
'cause I've run out of time
To live a lie

I can't deny
You've hooked me so deep again
With your smart and witty lines
You have soiled my disguise
and then the waves
oh the waves they come crashing down
when I see the look in your eyes
when you're watching her walk by

"If you're looking to fit in then join the rest
'Cause you know you'll only end up second best"
They said,

If you want to swim along the current,
then act and speak the way we do
You may be untrue
but if you'd rather be us
Then why be you.

What a beautiful lie, to live.

So I've learned to swim against the current
To live my life and now I'm free
Because honestly,
there's no one else I'd rather be.
So watch me leave

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