Lời bài hát On Top Of The World

Ca sĩ: Miho Fukuhara Album: Rainbow

I know times have been hard for you
You tell me your hurting
But I know you're gonna make it through
With me
You'll carry on
Let yourself be strong now
Tell me you're not alone

*All this time on top of the world
And it's a long way down
One more brick on top of the world
And we all fall down
Don't take your time
Like I've wasted mine
We'll soon be gone tomorrow*

You've got someone to talk you down
Although it's not easy
But don't stop
You can do one more round for me
I may be wrong
But I think I belong here
Tell me I'm not alone

Don't get blown away
Whistle down the wind
Don't fade to grey
Your colours here to stay
You'll carry on
Carry on
Carry on

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