Lời bài hát The Return To The Beautiful

Ca sĩ: My Dying Bride Album: The Dreadful Hours
oh beautiful earth
for too long you have been silent
touch me once again
the dark ground lies cold
et gelidus hoc voluntas firmamentum hark

yes, it is I
the fever of mankind
urges whorish as ever
I am the new Christ nunquam

silence yourself
you are powerless here
pitiful one pity me not
give back the sun
souls will mourn
in this unending season of darkness
beware, ravaged one
mine is the might

if you're feeble, turn away
no dagger glints in my hand
technique is secret
she gave herself to me


please leave
I think I'll close my eyes now
the first sunshine was mine
look for me among the flowers
sleeping with the earth
my dying bride
the pity I fashion
through a rain of tears

a tragic opus
immeasurable loss
tearful I rest
bask in my growing sorrow

the lust

the female is such exquisite hell
lay my obscure hands upon you
macabre, erotica, passion
even in death, beauty is with you

I extol you with loud praise
you will grace my procession
why shouldn't I indulge
in my own desires?

bare your breasts to slow kisses


away bastard dog
down from your throne
a dagger glints in my hand
you'll perish alone

nu nquam
am I afraid?

pray to me
cry on me
die on me
let me out

suffer in your nakedness
before your dark art
the filth and the stench of you
is hell in itself
I cry for you

your reign is over now
the sunlight will return
to this once petrified earth
ego deicere tu pereant


make me faint with unending kisses
my passions have all returned
warm my trembling hands
we're scope for the tragedians

I can see from your smile
you're not here for the sunset