Lời bài hát Sundance Freestyle

Ca sĩ: Rich Brian
Uh Man what's the use of the numbers that's on your phone
If you just let the shadow be your friend and you cry alone
I just got a new crib
Copped me a billiard but it's only one pool stick
Got a picture to prove it now
Kissin after dinner she call it the foreplay
I call it doin taste test of my explore page
Algorithm programming always done in poor taste
I take the sim card out in search of gourmet
Pool fights swimmin on a cool night
Lookin at her over fantasizing what her room like
I don't got a single ***in problem saying good night
Every single bad bitch they eatin like they shoenice
Back in '07 me and mama in the crib watchin Top Gun
Now I got these bitches askin if I wanna pop one
No get the *** away
I'd rather be the one to take the fun away
Than to be the kid that's always rollin every Saturday
I don't trust myself enough
Funds in the bank could make these pills look like Temple Run
Runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin
I ain't missed my bros and sis wedding's all for nothing
Pharrell interviewed me I ain't even heard In Search Of
I was 17 couldn't even sip the bourbon
He said relationships way different in person
3 years later I was on a date in Berlin
I just took a flight to Utah man that's a first time
Walkin off the plane steam breathing
Snow darkened by the shades
I'm just stayin warm sippin on my third wine
Face is getting red now
I don't need a suntan
Press week get you used to hearing certain questions...
Like how you feel to be at Sundance?
Like how you feel to be just one man
One man repping where you from and I'm like nah man
5 years ago I'd be so happy to get 5 bands for a 30 minute set
Runnin outta breath before the motha***in song ends
And now I'm boutta watch my first movie that I shot up in the islands
Surrounded by the audience and my friends
That *** turn everything else into nonsense
To think I'm only on my second project
I ain't here for the contest I'm just here for the progress
Tell Leo and Brad that I ain't takin their jobs yet
I'm just playin man I ain't got me a nom yet...
Not that imma need that *** to feel accomplished
Long as I'm breathin air and my mama happy I'm smiling
I don't need the VVs on my neck
But I got space on my wall for the golds platinums and diamonds
But I'm closing my eyes here come the guidance

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