Lời bài hát Powered By Naure

Ca sĩ: Secret Garden Album: Winter Poem
I'm powered by nature,
weak, but strong I stand
before the force of elements
of this wild and wondrous land.

I'm powered by nature,
And the mystery it hides
the rain and sun encircles
a synthesis of light.

I'm powered by the miracle
of the newborn budding rose
to see that spring of bloom
and everything that grows.

I'm powered by the forest
walking in the green,
where I can smell the earth
and drink the water clean.

I'm powered by rivers,
running wild, running free
from the highest mountain
down to the deep-blue sea.

I'm powered by the oceans
that calls my yearning heart
to reach for the horizon
far beyond afar.

I'm powered by snow
that covers all in white
and lets summer sleep
and slumber through the night.

I'm powered by darkness
in the long winter night
when I see a glimpse
of the faring northern lights.

I'm powered by stars
on the endless sky
light years from the earth,
much closer when I fly.

But even if I soar
in poems and songs
I must always return
to where my heart belongs.

I'm powered by moonlight
eternal ebb and flow
the rhythm of the nature
running through my blood.

I'm powered by the seasons
winter, spring, summer, and fall
the ever-changing colours
and the beauty of them all.

I'm powered by sun
shining down on me
and I am like a flower
absorbing energy.

I'm powered by wind
blowing through my hair
I'm breathing life,
breathing clean, fresh air.

I'm powered by mountains
they make me feel so small,
so I can seize the wonder
and the greatness of it all.

I know I'm not alone
here on planet Earth
I know I'm a part
of that great universe.
I know I'm a part
of that great universe!