Lời bài hát Love On Weekend

Ca sĩ: prettyXIX , 2pillz , V#
Luv on weekend

I been gone for a long time
Need you in my arms for a long time

You got problems in mind you 're afraid to say
I'm so head of my time, girl i'm coming in your way
Kill the pussy like crime, heard you ride in them waves
Come closer
Go Call me when you sleepy, that's when you be kinky
Frankly you a freak when you licking that sticky
I just come and go, got feelings now it shown
Yeah you know

Need yo loving on the weekend x4

Who u being with is not ma business
Last thing that i want is gettin cuffed
Another “meet n fucc”
Know we messed up
Imma stay truth to u n ion do it often
Love, love, love
Listen, i stop dreamin
Bad dreams still haunting me
Here i am falling for
Give it to me on Saturday
Bottom to the top, i'm a whole buffet
We ain't goin nowhere til it’s Monday
“Itadakimasu” when u eat the pussy

I can show what you're missing
If only you can listen
Girl let me you take back if you don't know where to start
Kiss after kiss, only medicine for broken hearts
You me a POV, trilogy, make another part
Love me or hate me, i can't keep it on the low
Give you all i got, you just gotta keep it slow
One bed, no stress, i can't deny ya
Make the pussy wet, you're fire
I'be gone for the weekend, cause i'm deep in that deep end
I'be gone for the weekend, can you call up your best friend

Maybe i'm too indecisive
Maybe it’s better this way
Maybe there’s no happy ending
I’m not hoping to be saved
Just takin it easy
See how it goes
Suck it like boba
U know ways to please me
Bed sheet gets messy
Lick all the dairy when it drools
Bussin’ it um ah