Lời bài hát Half Blood Mademoiselle

Ca sĩ: MLee
Imma nightmare, lookin’ sexy in a dress
Imma don’t-care, no pretend, need no confess
Imma bit rude, made you feel blue, and confused
But don’t you dare to ever cut me loose

Tryna please me, tryna tease me at ease
And never ever, never ever doubt me
My mind is busy, my heart is ready (but)
3 times a day, everyday, Imma walk away

Ohhh, can you feel eternity
Or insecurities, when you with me
Ohhh, my love is fantasy
sometimes with cruelties
Be confident, and stepping up to me....

Half of that Asian
Half on that European

Challenge the gentleman
Focus on reflection

Kisses are the currency
Keep giving them too me

You will have the humble me
That’s love’s summary