Lời bài hát Disappear (Tan Biến)

Ca sĩ: Nguyễn Hải Phong Sáng tác: Nguyễn Hải Phong
When the fog light tan color bit
Hidden away from other road
waiting every day how much more confused
Probably make only dream dream.
The years to try to keep anything
While leaving healthy plant mi ...
Or is the rain far more fun here the winds
I often remember one morning
Every day they slowly heel hidden away from the cold rain
Every day he broke my heart broken in every dream
Love has missed

Each day look rainy rush smile who filled
hear how much burst into tears thinking like
Now the snow or you're a sunny day
Do you remember if that rainy reasonable
Look forward each day something wonderful smile who
I day that are gentle rain gradually disappear as much trouble later
Shattered as the afternoon golden soft waiting for the rain to the porch light

Thought to keep forever in a dream.
Then suddenly wake up soon and this how we remember oh oh trust.