Lời bài hát Can Someone Heal My Heart

Ca sĩ: Phương Vy Album: Có Đôi Lần Sáng tác: Nhạc Ngoại Lời Việt
It has been a year, that you made my eyes tear.
Thought the pain would be over now, its still killing me somehow
After rain comes sunshine they say, but it seems that the sun has been put out after that day.

I still keep your mails and messages in my phone, I read them when I feel all alone.
It is hard to know that you have moved on, why can’t I be that strong?

Is there a way to take the pain away, cause it hurts, every time I’m looking at your face
Tell me how, tell me now, tell me how to make it stop. Can someone heal my heart.
I hope this feeling will go away someday, somewhere between now and May.
Springtime is the time to fall in love again, but I think I can’t fall in love with another man.
Knowing that you moved on, makes my heart die in pain, this feeling makes me totally insane.
My heart skips one beat when I hear the doorbell, but when I open the door, its not you but someone else.