Lời bài hát Bringing Down The Moon -

Ca sĩ: Joanna Zimmer
I don't want to walk this life alone
every heart must find it's home.
You and I have been stronger than the wind
but when you're gone away too long a part of me goes missing.
I see your eyes in every face
I feel you in that empty space. At night, there's nothing I wouldn't do to get to you

Like bringing down the moon from the sky
to catch a falling star
there's no telling how hard i'd try
to get to where you are
I'll crawl 'til I fly just for one more night with you
I'd bring down the moon
bring it down for you

I don't wanna wake up from this dream
You're everything I want and need
Nothing's gonna break the spell that love has made
Don't you know there's magic in all that we create

Imagine what we might have missed
If our lips had never kissed
So make a wish and I promise you it will come true


I searched and I searched
for something that's worth
As much as your loves given me but what can I do, to prove it to you
Tell me just what your heart needs... I'll bringing down the moon..