Lời bài hát You Are My Melody

Ca sĩ: DBSK

Closing my eyes, listening to the sounds around me
Your soul, your tiniest thoughts
I couldn’t hear them because of the static in my heart
Sorry, sorry

The times when you shed tears is now history
Don’t worry because

You’re my melody
I’ll perform for you (on and on)
You are my song
The soundtrack in my life
I love you
You lighted up the stage of my life
(I’ll sing it again) You’re my song

I’m not willing to say ‘I’m sorry’
I’ve got lots of pride yet my heart’s empty.
When my soul runs dry
When everything falls apart
Will you come to me

The sad times will end like a song because

It’s your love your love
You told me the meaning of love (and on & on & on)
You’re my rhythm
A gift in my life
Giving me beautiful dreams
Always by my side
I’ll sing it again
You’re my song

The many sad love songs
Seem to be singing of us

Protecting me by my side during this time
You are more important than anything

Listenin g to the sounds around me when I close my eyes
I’m calling out to your heart now

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