Lời bài hát Winter

Ca sĩ: Zhou Chuan Xiong

Verse 1
On the day we met
The snow was covering all the land
And as you held and warmed my cold hands
I felt this love will never end

Verse 2
But on the day you left
The snow froze up the night again
And the cold wind cried my sorrows
I'll never feel your love again

This is the longest winter night that
I won't ever forget
The light of dawn might never shine on me again
What have I got of you
What have I to believe
How could you tear this dream

This is the coldest winter night that
I won't ever forget
The kiss of spring will never melt this snow in me
I've chanced the best of me
I took so long to see
You've made a fool of me

Verse 2

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