Lời bài hát Why Do I Love You

Ca sĩ: Westlife Album: Tuyển Tập Các Ca Khúc Quốc Tế Hay Nhất (CD24)

Suddenly she's leaving
Suddenly the promise of love has gone
Suddenly breathing seems so hard to do

Carefully you, planned it
I got to know just, a minute too late, oh girl
Now i understand it
All the times, we made love together
Baby you were thinking of him

Why do i love you?
Don't even want to
Why do i love you like i do
Like i always do
You should've told me
Why did you have to be untrue (love you like i do)
Why do i love you like i do

Ain't gonna show no, weakness
I'm gonna smile, and tell the whole world i'm fine
I'm gonna keep my senses,
But deep down, where no one can hear me
Baby i'll be crying for you


Can't go back, can't erase
Baby, your smiling face, oh no
I can think of nothing else but you

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