Lời bài hát Turn You On

Ca sĩ: Joseph Arthur And The Lonely Astronauts Album: Temporary People (2008)

Everybody's looking at me
But it's alright, I like attention
The club's not hot until I walk through
They stop and stare and watch me move
Like "Damn, I like that"
I'm sexy and you know it
Clap your hands
Oh, it's like that
I'm not afraid to show it, understand?
Yeah, I'm hot, bitch
Don't be mad at me go check your man

Gi rls and boys are looking at me
I can't blame 'em 'cause I'm sexy, ow!

Do n't care who's watching me
I do just what I want
Just 'cause I dance with you
Don't mean you're getting some
Don't get excited baby
'Cause I might turn you on
Turn you on, turn you out
Give 'em something to write about

All the boys are looking up at me
As I dance on the table top
Tonight I'll be their liquid dreams
They want a piece of what I got
Damn I like that
She's sexy and she's shaking over me
She's hot and I can't take her
I need a drink
I'm hot yeah
She's cooler than I ever thought she'd be


[C horus]

Don't dance too close, I might turn you on
Don’t try to impress me, my papers no
Don’t believe all that you read my ish out loud
We can dance all night but you ain’t getting none, none
Sorry I turned you on
Take a cold shower when you get home



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