Lời bài hát Sunshine

Ca sĩ: Skylar Grey Album: Don't Look Down

[Verse 1:]
You lost your cool again,
And punched the bedroom door,
You’re sick of working hard,
And always being bored,
But you don’t have to feel ashamed,
You don’t have to lose your way,
Don’t do any good to sit and moan,
Come take a walk down this old road,
I said just…

Look at the sky there’s no need to cry,
Ain’t got money but we got sunshine,
Mud on our boots and fish on the line,
Ain't got nothin’ but we’re in paradise,
Look at the sky we’ll be alright,
Ain't got money but we got sunshine.

[Verse 2:]
Forget the magazines,
The tricks of Hollywood,
They make it look so great,
That you forget what’s good,
So you don’t have to feel ashamed,
Cause baby I’m not that way,
Remember the day you said hello,
I was at the river skipping stones,
And you said just…


[ Bridge]
Wh that old drunk livin on the street
Is laughin' louder than me,
I know something’s wrong,
And I start to see,
That this sweet sunshine is the only gold I need,
Well I said just…


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