Lời bài hát Never Too Late

Ca sĩ: Hồ Trung Dũng Sáng tác: Hồ Trung Dũng Album: Hạnh Phúc

In this lonely,lonely night,you don't hold my hand,don't even say a word
How could someone once so close now be so far away
Sitting here silently,hoping you would understand
I never mean to hurt you dear,but somehow always did...

Baby I won't dony the truth or believe a lie
But nor would I give up my faith
Maybe we just hang on to our reverie,our illusions
But don't you think it's worth it,baby?

Now you see,life can surely remove all the innocence
But something still remains:
All the love that we've shared,all the dream that we've had

Just keep holding on to all the laughters and the tears
That bound us together
Just keep searching for one magical moment
We find our way back home
Heal this emptiness in me,darling,please set it free
Give us oh just one more try,it's never too late???

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