Lời bài hát My date with a vampire

Ca sĩ: Linda WAN


It's hard to be sentimental when you are awake
Only being lost can lead to love's desire
It's wonderful even we can only meet in dreams
Then I can tell you what's in my heart
Nothing can really decide who a person is
Perhaps we should not even have a name
Although it's hard to identify true love
We still should create a world of love

See this old lost city, why does it becomes so quiet?
The long street losts its laughter and excitement
Leaving me by myself as a lonely old man
When will the snowstorm stop?
We will unite with each other in the future
How can we find each other if there is no trace is left

Repeat Chorus

Please forgive me for not cherishing you
Instead, I allowed our love to fade
I only hope you can hear what I have to say
If someday we can see each other again
If someday we can have this love between us again
I will follow you, with God as my witness, I will follow you

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