Lời bài hát Lie (G Dragon solo)

Ca sĩ: G Dragon Album: Share a light

Sorry for the pain i made u go through
It's what i gotta do, no options to choose
It hurts me twice more than it really hurts u
So please baby please dont be givin the blues

Boi tellin u lies is killin me inside
The thoughts in my mind haunts me everynite
And i try and try to cut u out my life
But everything ends up with a hopeless lil sigh

When i think of u, it really makes me go insane
Will we ever be the same? oh please just tell me now

Forever, together
And never will it change except for the better
www.YeuCaHat. com
But things change, rearrange, eyes gettin redder
My tears are slowly fallin as im sending this letter

Im so sorry but i love u, boi its so hard
Its best we let go, yeah cuz boi theres no hope, Not meant to be
Im so sorry but i love u, baby thats why
I gotta leave and say goodbye, oh boi i beg u dont cry

Im so sorry but i love u, and thats no lie
Im so sorry, but i love u
Im so sorry but i love u, and i have tried
But things will never be the same
So boi just save us both the pain

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