Lời bài hát Kara-no-kyoukai

Ca sĩ: Yuki Kajiura Album: The Garden of sinners 劇場版「空の境界」音楽集(Gekijoban'Kara no Kyokai' Ongakushuu CD2)

here we stand in ravishing rain
joy is like pain
it feels like a miracle
you can't turn back, you're in chains
never again
return from a cynical world

if you feel you've loved me in vain
why not re-live your guilty love affairs
in the warm breeze you will cry
again and again
that's fate for a criminal

good intentions lost in thin air
you were craving for affection
and a certain invitation
led you here to me in the cynical world

no one but me, in this cold place
I will love and serve you, criminal
that's your final consolation
now hang on to me, in the cynical world

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