Lời bài hát Invisible Wings

Ca sĩ: Vương Lệ Đình Album: Romance

Here I am I’m always trying to be strong
When I’m hurt I won’t shed a tear
I’d rather sing a song
I will sing of a pair of invisible wings
That will take all my fears away

I won’t think about what others have that I don’t
Coz’ I see that I desire to make this path my own
I’ll put on a pair of invisible wings
And it will take my to higher heights

I’ll take flight and there I see my dreams
They lay ahead
(And) No will I be afraid
Close my eyes
And I can feel the winds beneath my wings
It is the voice that will carry me through

I have hope that I will find myself, in a better place
You and I will take this journey walking hand in hand
And I know I have a pair of invisible wings
To guide me through this race

All my hopes and dreams shall be everlasting
As I take flight on invisible wings

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