Lời bài hát GTA San Andreas Theme Song

Ca sĩ: Young Maylay Album: GTA IV Soundtrack - Limited Edition

Welcome to san andreas
i'm cj from grove street.
land in da hangers gang bangas and cold heat.
in los santos niggas get no sleep
beefin with anybody competin even with police

Four deepin a green rag wid
both feet blast wid a strap that o.g.
stay in shape hit the gyms lift the weights
supa good big and buff nice and straight.
you got status respect, weapon,skill
Young Maylay Gta san andreas theme song Lyrics
stamina, muscle, fat and sex appeal.
you get clothes from bincos and prolaps
suburban zip victim and d-sach.

watch yo back from rival hoods
they'll test jus to get yo survivor skill.
duckin shells at da cluckin bell
jump up and bust a gun until they duck they tail.
it seem like im on impossible missions
twist up and get into hostile positions.

tenpenny and pulaski harass me cops
cars been on our ass since last past week.
cuz dres is full of gangsta homeboy
???????? and ?????? for the bangas homeboy.
it's dangerous homeboy
get yo brains fo how you do yo fingas homeboy.
heat cock we hoppin hop dump
em out been a block shake before the cops come.

listen to sirens
they aint got none
back anotha lap catch a nigga wid a shot gun.
hit em up wid a grove street lie
dirty sling shot mo knee high.

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