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Hello. Welcome to the mini story for Greeting someone and talking about myself. In this lesson I will ask many easy questions. You must answer every question. It’s very important very important. Answer every question. Okay. Let’s begin.

A greeting is a friendly way of opening a conversation. There are many ways to say: hi, hello, good morning, good after noon, good evening. What’s up? How are you or how’s it going?

How do we reply to these questions? We can say: Fine, thanks! or very well thank you! or not bad.

+) Let’s practice. A conversation.

A: Hi , how are you today?
B: I’m fine thanks.
A: Do you speak English?
B: A little , but not very well^^
A: Could you tell me something about yourself?
B: Sure…

My name’s Linho and I’m a student
-What’s his name? Linho, His name is Linho.
-what’s his name Vu? No
-what’s his name Kien? No,no
-So what’s his name? Linho, allright
-Can you spell that? Sure. L-I-N-H-O LINHO. Nice to meet you, Linho!
-Is Linho a boy or a girl? A boy.
-Is he a teacher? No, he is’nt
-Is he a farmer? No,no
-So, What is his job? What does he do? Student, He is a student. Linho’s a student.

I’m 23 years old
-How old is he? 23, he’s 23 years old"
-Is he 26 years old? No..no
-How old is Linho? 23, Well, he’s 23. Linho is 23 years old.
-Is he young? yes
I think he does look very young.
-Is he older? No, he is’nt

I’m not married
-Is Linho married? No. Linho’s not married.
-Who not married? Linho
-Is Linho married to Sara? No.no He’s not married to Sara. He’s not married.

I live in LT-BN
-Where does Linho live? LT-BN
Linho lived in LT-BN.
-Did he live in Bac Ninh, Viet Nam?
Yes he did.
-Who lived in LT-BN? Ah, Linho. Alright. His name is Linho.
-Did he live in Bac Ninh or Ha Noi? Bac Ninh, Of Couse, He lived in BN. Linho lived in LT-BN.

I have four people in my family. There are my mother, father, one sister, and me.

-How many people in his family? Four! Have 4 people in his family.
-How many brothers and sisters do he have? (Do you have any brothers and sisters?)
-Oh… He has one sister. (If You have no brothers and no sisters. You can say: I’m an only child.”
-Who is older? Linho or His sister? Sister, His sister is younger than Him.

-How about his parents? Strong , "My parents is fine, though. They’re very strong and likes to work"
-What does his father do? Farmer, What’s he father’s job? His father is a farmer.
-What does his mother do? Works at home, His mother works at home.

She had long, black hair and is beautiful. I love her very much.
-What did she look like? Look like means was she ugly, was she beautiful, was her hair black, brown or blonde.
So what did she look like? Long black hair, beautiful, Well, she had long, black hair and she was beautiful.
-Did she look beautiful? Yes, yes. She looked beautiful.
-Did she look ugly or did she look beautiful? Beautiful, Of Couse, She looked beautiful.
-Who looked beautiful? Ah, the mother, right? Mother, His mother!
- Does Sarah love his mom? No,no
-Who loves mom? Linho. Linho loves his mom.

+) Okay, that is all for mini story lesson. Listen to this story. listen many, many, many times. Anytime, anywhere. And Answer each question. Okay, see you next time.

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